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Poker Clock
Poker Clock

Simplify your tournament

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Do you host a Hold'em, Omaha, or Stud tournament? Are you using an egg timer to keep track of the time in each level? Are players asking what the current blinds are every few minutes?

Then check out Poker Clock for Mac. You can download it now to try it out for free.

Screen shots are available here.

Easy Setup

Quickly set up for your tournament. You'll be up and running within minutes.

Blind Schedules

Use pre-configured schedules, or create your own custom ones.

Clock / Timer

Easily configure and control the clock for your tournament.

Prize Pool / Payout Structures

Keep track of the number of buy-ins, re-buys, and add-ons, and their values. Use pre-configured payout structures, or create your own.

Info at a Glance

See the current ante, small blind, big blind, time remaining, current time, blinds schedule, prize pool, and payout structure at a glance.

No Wires

Use a wireless remote to control the clock. You won't have to leave your seat!